DummyJSON - Image

Custom Placeholder Images for your Web/App

When creating a website or wireframe, you might not have all the images at first, but you know the sizes ..!
DummyJSON Image provides placeholder images on the fly via URL.


URL = https://dummyjson.com/image

You just need to provide image size after URL. Only image size is necessary. Options are available to change text color or background color, you can pass second parameter after size which will be the background color, it must be hexadecimal, third parameter is the text color. The text can be passed with the text query param. Here are some examples you can look at:

<img src="https://dummyjson.com/image/300">
<img src="https://dummyjson.com/image/250x100">
<img src="https://dummyjson.com/image/250x100/ff0000">
<img src="https://dummyjson.com/image/350x200/ff0000/000">
<img src="https://dummyjson.com/image/350x200/?text=Hello+Peter">
<img src="https://dummyjson.com/image/350x200/282828/eae0d0/?text=Hello+Peter&fontFamily=cookie">

Specify one dimension to get a square image URL/WIDTH https://dummyjson.com/image/150

150x150 image

Specify width and height URL/WIDTHxHEIGHT https://dummyjson.com/image/400x200

400x200 image

Specify background color URL/SIZE/BACKGROUND https://dummyjson.com/image/400x200/282828

400x200/282828 image

Specify text color URL/SIZE/BACKGROUND/COLOR https://dummyjson.com/image/400x200/282828/ff0000

400x200/282828/ff0000 image

Specify image format URL/?type=TYPE Supported Formats: [png, jpg, webp] https://dummyjson.com/image/400x200/282828?type=jpg

400x200/282828?type=jpg image

Specify font size URL/?text=TEXT&fontSize=FONT_SIZE https://dummyjson.com/image/400x200?text=Hello+Peter!&fontSize=16

400x200?text=Hello+Peter!&fontSize=16 image